Memorial Gardens Cemetery - Brainerd, Minnesota

Memorial Gardens Cemetery Entrance Gate

Memorial Gardens cemetery is owned and managed by the Evergreen Cemetery Association of Brainerd.

It is located about 1½ miles north of Brainerd on County Road 3. [ MapQuest Map | Google Map ]

The cemetery occupies 15 acres (out of 25 acres total) with over 2,000 interments.

It was started in 1953 as "Knollwood Memorial Gardens", a privately-owned cemetery selling lots to the public. In the 1960's, the owner absconded with the business assets leaving the business bankrupt and the lot owners to fend for themselves. The "Crow Wing Memorial Gardens Association" was formed by the lot owners in 1967 to manage the cemetery. In the 1970s, the Evergreen Cemetery Association took over management of the cemetery and the cemetery was renamed to just "Memorial Gardens".

The Directory of the Dead (a link to which is in the footer of every page) is the online combined list of burials for both Evergreen Cemetery and the Memorial Gardens cemetery.

For more information on the Association, see the Evergreen Cemetery Association home page (a link to which is also present in the footer of every page).

Columbarium at Memorial Gardens

The autumn of 2012 saw the installation of the first Columbarium at Memorial Gardens, followed by some nice landscaping in the spring. It has 48 niches, each holding one or two urns.

Please contact the office for pricing details.

The statue in the Garden of the Christus was imported when construction of the cemetery began in 1953. It was designed by Domenic Zappia and was sculpted in white marble from Carrara, Italy. It rests on a three-tiered base of sandstone slabs.

Here are some selected summertime and wintertime scenes from the Memorial Gardens cemetery. The photos are © 2008 by Joey Halvorson and are used here with permission.

The first image (summertime and wintertime fading in and out) was inspired by the fabulous picture blog "The Big Picture" and the fade in/out feature that they used in their Earth Hour 2009 exhibit.

Memorial Gardens Statue in Summer/Winter
Memorial Gardens Statue in Summer/Winter

Memorial Gardens Entrance Gate in Summertime Memorial Gardens in Summertime Memorial Gardens in Summertime Memorial Gardens in Wintertime